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Rita Delgado

  • 4-5 November 2022, 9pm
  • 6 November 2022, 4pm
  • CAL / Primeiros Sintomas

Rita Delgado

  • 4-5 November 2022, 9pm
  • 6 November 2022, 4pm
  • CAL / Primeiros Sintomas
  • 90 min
  • M/14

Text and creation Rita Delgado
Interpreters Diana Narciso, Diogo Rodrigues, Rita Delgado e Stephany Malpica
Assistance to the creation Diana Narciso e Lara Mesquita
Sound design and live music Diogo Rodrigues
Set design Carla Martinez
Light design Diana dos Santos
Production Sofia Estriga
Funding DGArtes - Governo de Portugal, Fundação GDA, Festival Temps D’images, Companhia Casa Cheia
Coproduction residencies O Espaço do Tempo; DeVIR/CAPa

In this performance, we watch the recording of episode 500 of MiaPia, a popular television programme. Between culinary moments, unusual guests and tarot players, we accompany Mia and her difficulties in relating to some of the most pressing problems in the world: environmental issues, social inequality, gender inequality, structural racism, wars and (blah, blah, blah). Isn’t this what we sometimes tend to "see" in this inventory? A vague, dull "blah-blah, blah”?


In the 500th episode, Mia will challenge the short-sighted reflex that blurs her gaze and, despite the pains in her eyes and chest, courageously explores the reach and the limits of her vision. Welcome to MiaPia, your evening show!


graduated from ESTC (2014/2017). Held Workshops with Miguel Loureiro, Maria Duarte, Pedro Gil, Keli Freitas. Co-creation of the play «Reunião da Sala 3» (2014), at Teatro Rápido. Intern at TNDM II (2017/2018), where she performed in «Casimiro and Carolina», by Odon von Horváth, directed by Tónan Quito. Co-created the play «FIM» with João Estima, which premiered in October 2020, at CAL, as part of the Festival Temps D’Images.

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5 MAI - 19 JUN 2022
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