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Momento II
8 OUT - 6 NOV 2022
Tratado de Invenção das Coisas
Daniel Moutinho

  • 8-9 October 2022, 9pm

Tratado de Invenção das Coisas
Daniel Moutinho

  • 8-9 October 2022, 9pm
  • 120 min
  • M/14

Creation, direction, text and interpretation: Daniel Moutinho
Assistant Dramaturg: Lara Mesquita
Video: Vera Bibi
Set design: Carla Martinez
Soundscape: Nuno Veiga
Light design: Carlos Ramos
Costumes: Miu Lapin
Executive production: Cláudia Teixeira
Tattoos by: Binho Onze, Bruna Prazeres, Mirna Garcia, Sofia Nabais, Molin
Creation residencies: Trust Collective; Companhia Casa Cheia
A production Parrotrecord - associação cultural
In association with Karnart
Funding Direcção Geral das Artes | Ministério da Cultura, Fundação GDA, Self-Mistake

Tratado da Invenção das coisas (Treaty of the Invention of Things) is the invention of things on my skin with tattoos. When we say things, we can be referring to lots of things. Things are somehow nameless, undefined, apart from this generic cluster we call things — objects, tales, ideas, materials, images, postponed projects, thoughts, and many others.

Tratado da Invenção das coisas is this accumulation of small narratives tattooed on my body as I was inventing and understanding myself. I was interested in the act of inventing, in inventing my body, and understanding from within the History of Tattoo, my autobiography and the nature of things. Strange invention, this one; made of pain. The invention of myself, made with needles and ink. My body would not exist, if it weren’t for these wounds I invented. This body is tattooed with my affections and with what affects me, whether they are real or fictional. While I was getting tattooed, I was thinking that this inscription on my body was a way of understanding myself and my life, and simultaneously a way of seeing the world. I can claim a symbolic meaning from the images on my skin, but I’m not sure it is up to me to decide. I cannot say that I own my tattoos; they’re simultaneously in me and beyond me, as images with stories and connotations that my body cannot fully define.

Tratado da Invenção das coisas is a performance anchored on this experience of the body. Tratado da Invenção das coisas is this invention of a life, a living encyclopedia of my understanding of things.


was born in Lisbon in 1989. He holds a graduate degree in Theatre from the University of Évora (2007-2010), a postgraduation in Writing Arts from FCSH (2011-2013), and a Master’s degree in Multimedia Art, with a specialization in Audiovisuals, from FBAUL (2014-2018). He attended workshops with Manuel Vason, Hancock & Kelly; Cia. Phillipe Genty and Guillermo Gomez Peña. Moutinho created the performances Absolutamente Falso, presented at FIKE (2009); Cravo, presented at the Festival Escrita na Paisagem (2011); Outra Lição de Anatomia, presented at the Tadeusz Kantor International Exhibition in Évora, at the exhibition Machine Tadeusz Kantor at SESC Consolação in São Paulo, and at Settimana Kantoriana in Salerno (2015), and also A Fila Para o Pão, presented in Évora (2020). He is co-creator with Teatro do Vestido, and performer in the play Filhos do Retorno (2017-2018). Assistant dramaturg and translator for Kaite O'Reilly and Philipp Zarrilli at the Festival Escrita na Paisagem (2010). Curator, with Nuno Veiga, of the platform From My Window (2020). Conducted, with Samara Azevedo, the workshop Self-portrait of a Hazy Reflection: between autobiographical writing and the image of the confined body, at the 9º Festival de Artes Cénicas at Bauru, Brazil, 2020.

5 MAI - 19 JUN 2022
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