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Momento II
8 OUT - 6 NOV 2022
Sufocada em Lágrimas
Eunice Gonçalves Duarte

  • 15-16 October 2022, 5pm and 9pm
  • Coreto do Jardim Henrique Lopes de Mendonça / Praça José Fontana

Sufocada em Lágrimas
Eunice Gonçalves Duarte

  • 15-16 October 2022, 5pm and 9pm
  • Coreto do Jardim Henrique Lopes de Mendonça / Praça José Fontana
  • Open-ended performance
  • M/12

Creation, Artistic Direction e Video: Eunice Gonçalves Duarte
Scenography: Fábio Baldo
Consultoria Técnica: Balaclava Noir
Co-creation performance: Bibi Perestrelo
Performers: Bruno Gonçalves e Eunice Gonçalves Duarte
Team for image captivation: Paulo Fajardo, Arlindo Marques, Pedro Fonseca, Manuel Ferreira, Isabel Santos, Vanessa Duarte, Inês Lopes
Residency: Casa de Gigante / Sertã
Support: DuplaCena – Festival Temps d’Images, Junta de Freguesia de Arroios, Casa de Gigante, Associação Cultural Mandriões do Vale Fértil, ADAI - Associação para o Desenvolvimento da Aerodinâmica Industrial, Iris - Associação Nacional de Ambiente, Associação Atelier Concorde
Acknowledgment: Mário Montez, Miguel Manso, Carlos Xavier Viegas, Pedro Ferreira, Edgar Costa, João Paulo Fonseca, Ana Luísa Soares, Luís Sousa, Carlos Bento, Renato Rocha, Jorge Giro e Hermenegildo Ferreira Borges

Sufocada em Lágrimas (Stifled Tears) is an artistic reflection on forest fires and their impact on the landscape in the interior of Portugal. The artist wants to create an immersive and sensory piece that transmits the theme in its emotional dimension. The wildfires that have taken place in recent years in Portugal, and in other parts of the world, are directly related to climate change. This is why it is essential to include wildfires in the overall framework of climate change, as well as to understand how climate change is directly affecting people’s way of life in their daily lives. Thousands take to the streets to demand climate justice and the European Union calls on member states to accelerate the transition to green energy. Environmental impact is also part of the economic equation. In Portugal, communities in the areas most affected by forest fires, and experts in this field, have been warning of the devastating effects large fires on the country’s landscape. Although there is a general understanding of the problem, there is a clear inability to act on it. Part of the solution may be to return to the ancient rituals of forest control and firefighting, which were lost with the desertification of the interior of the country. There are no foreseeable solutions and I, sitting in front of my television screen, just cry. My ritual is performative. My TV allows me to witness the fires while keeping me safe at home, watching from a distance. On the other side of the screen, a man is in despair after failing to save the house where he was born. He cries. What if we cried together? Can our tears produce enough water to extinguish the fire?Sufocada em Lágrimas establishes a bridge between art, technology and the environment, through different artistic languages (performance, video, installation, architecture) and proposes to bring to the urban environment the theme of rural fires, questioning the way we think and feel about, their socio-cultural impacts and the preservation of the environment.


graduated in Contemporary Drama (UCD/Dublin) and holds a PhD in Art Studies (FL/UC). Her work articulates the performing arts with the visual and technological arts. In recent years her main topics of research are related to the use of digital technologies in artistic creation and the impact of low-tech images on Neuroesthetics.

Her artistic work has been extensively presented in Europe, and in the United States and Mexico. Gonçalves Duarte wants to highlight the work made with for following institutions: Crossley Gallery/Dean Clough (Halifax, UK) V&AM/Digital Futures (London/UK), South Tipperary Arts Center (Clonmel, Ireland), Abbey Theatre (Dublin, Ireland), National Theatre of Wales (Cardiff, Wales), Theatre of Changes (Athens, Greece), M[i]MO – Museu da Imagem em Movimento (Leiria, Portugal), Dampfzentrale (Bern/Switzerland), MNAC – Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea (Lisbon, Portugal).

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