Momento II
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Momento II
8 OUT - 6 NOV 2022
Alexandre Pieroni Calado and João Ferro Martins

  • 5-6 November 2022, 9:30pm
  • Musicbox

Alexandre Pieroni Calado and João Ferro Martins

  • 5-6 November 2022, 9:30pm
  • Musicbox
  • 60 min
  • M/12

Concept, dramaturgy, staging, interpretation Alexandre Pieroni Calado
Concept, visual concept, musical direction, interpretation João Ferro Martins
Original text José Miranda Justo
Cocreation and interpretation Raquel Pimpão, Sofia Queiroz
Graphic design Catarina Vasconcelos, Margarida Rêgo
Technical director Sandro Esperança*
Communication design Miguel Pacheco Gomes
Executive production Marta Frade
Funding DGArtes/Governo de Portugal, CMAlmada
Support Latoaria, FCT-UNL, Malavoadora, DuplaCena, Damas, Primeiros Sintomas, RDP Antena 2, RDP África.

LEBRE - Lances de Hermes is a creation that sees the word as image-time, from philosophical hip-hop and cabaret theatre to digital citizens. The project takes as its starting point the idea that we are in an era of velocity and communicability, which are attributes of the mythological Hermes; seen from another perspective, the LEBRE is a diagnosis of hermetic inflation, in Western contemporary culture, subject to manipulation of information, dissolution of values, the commodification of culture and the arts. Alexandre Pieroni Calado and João Ferro Martins revisit the Greek-Latin tradition to reflect on the present time, a work they had already initiated in O Declive e a Inclinação – Fragmentos do mito de Sísifo e A Morte nos Olhos – sobre o mito de Perseu e Medusa. The new creation, Lebre – Lances de Hermes, is an oratory-Downtempo that creatively investigates the ambiguous ascendant of Hermes in our time, especially the compulsive dynamism and the accelerated dispersion of regimens of truth.


was born in Santarém. He works as a visual, sound and performative artist. Graduated in Visual Arts from the Escola Superior de Arte e Design (IPL Caldas da Rainha). Three-dimensional production and related issues in painting and music form the basis of his work, as well as actions involving theatre, performance and film. He has participated in numerous solo and collective exhibitions and in the performing arts he has collaborated with Alexandre Pieroni Calado, Gonçalo Alegria, Andresa Soares, Vera Mantero, Mala Voadora, among others. He is the founder, along with Hugo Canoilas, of the collective A Kills B and plays in musical projects CATARATA and Casal do Leste.

was born in Lisbon. He carries out research on theatre and is also a director. He studied at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (Lisbon) and at the Escola de Comunicação e Artes (São Paulo). He is involved in research projects around the history of violence in the Greco-Latin cultural matrix. His projects A Parede (2019), A Morte nos Olhos (2018) and O Declive e a Inclinação (2016) were created in the ambit of this research programme. From his recent creations he wants to highlight Kaspar: Soprada Word (2017), a theatre play that simulates the experience of watching a staging of Peter Handke’s Kaspar; A Arte Degenera à Medida que se Aproxima do Teatro (2017), a performance based on manifestos by twentieth-century artists; and as a set of recreations of plays by Portuguese artists of the twentieth century, named Dramas de Princesas. Death and the Maiden (2015), Woyzeck 1978 (2014), Quarteto (2013) and Preaching (2012).

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5 MAI - 19 JUN 2022
Momento I