Temps d'Images 2020


In the year it comes of age, Temps d’Images enters “adulthood” without a birthday party. 

We prepared everything for the new cycle, dividing the festival into two stages, so as to concentrate on the city´s cultural landscape and take advantage of the nice weather, to show pieces which the climate had not permitted thus far.

Even before the bad news in the form of a virus, we asked ourselves if it made sense to associate the new calendar with the seasons, and what it was we meant by “good” and “bad weather”.

We now present the first part of our programme, which we will cancel. We want to present it nevertheless because, even with regards to the several world premieres, the work is in its final stretch. The greatest investment has already been made. The artists have already done what they had to do and our other partners welcomed those proposals with dedication, and invested as well. Thank you to everyone.

As it happens, we now know that we will have to do more. We will have to join forces to be able to show the pieces in suspension, and try to merge them in the second stage of this TdI. It will be better still, if we can rethink objectives, scales, purposes and interests.

When it began, 17 editions ago, as a European programming network, we could not have known that Lisbon would be the place where a festival with these characteristics would survive. Afterwards, we understood that we could keep going, keeping the context, changes, the senses, needs and possibilities in mind.

Is there still time? We shall see.

Technical Specs


António Câmara Manuel

Artistic Director

Mariana Brandão

Production Manager

Ana Sofia Nunes

Technical Coordinator

Mafalda Oliveira

Communication Coordinator

Rita Branco

Press Agency



Elsa Vieira

Graphic Design and Website

CATO Atelier

Promotional Video

Bruno José Silva

Produced by

DuplaCena / Horta Seca