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  Man prostrated at the feet of the earth -
The earth elevated to Man's height.
Catherine Nunes de Almeida

… men admiring the mountain tops, the huge waves of the sea, the wide curves of rivers, the winding beaches of the oceans, the revolutions of the stars, and thus deturning themselves from themselves.

A table. A woman, a man. A landscape gradually builds up in front of their naked bodies. A past and a present under the yoke of their childish maneuvers. Hands that move and build miniature worlds wrapping an unstable panorama, broad, sometimes in disastrous, but sublime flow. KINDNESS OF A GIANT evokes, in a succession of landscapes in miniature, the constant and paradoxical confrontation between a world made for the measure of man and a world that runs beyond itself and its orchestrating powers, where the landscape touches the unspeakable, the ineffable, the sublime. On the stage two actors, a couple, maybe like the first one, perhaps as if it were the last.


In Teatro da Politécnica
Reservations: 961960281, www.ticketline.sapo.pt, Fnac, Worten, C. C. Dolce Vita, El Corte Inglês, Casino Lisboa, Galeria Comercial Campo Pequeno, Lojas Viagens Abreu.
Normal: 10,00 € // Discounts:8,00 € _ 6,00 € _ 3,00 €
Age classification: M/ 16

  Conception, Direction and Choreography: Gustavo Ciríaco | Performers & colaborators: Ana Trincão and Tiago Barbosa | Directing Assistant: Natália Viroga | Light Design: Rui Monteiro | Set: Dina Salem Levy |Direction of Production and Communication: Jesse James | Partners: Festival Temps d’Images, Negócio/ZDB, Fórum Dança (Lisboa),
Festival Atos de Fala (Rio de Janeiro), A Porta (Leiria) e Festival Walk& Talk (Ponta Delgada)